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Spa Treatments

These treatments can be added to any grooming or bathing packages.

Thera-Clean Microbubble Bath Therapy

All-natural and 100% hypoallergenic relaxing bath treatments that deep-clean into the skin pores and hair follicles to vastly improve skin conditions, relieve itching, reduce shedding and eliminate odors. Microbubble spa baths work wonders completely on their own, but they also improve therapeutic results combined with other spa treatments and specialty shampoos.


We are the only groomer in Virginia to offer Thera-Clean microbubble bathing system. 

Therapeutic Mud Treatments

Natural mud treatments feed and hydrate your pet's skin with essential nutrients and fatty acids to cleanse and detoxify.  Choose from mud treatments to soothe irritations and hot spots, moisturize the skin, remove dandruff,  help diminish the pain of arthritis and control fleas.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hydrates the hair and skin and restores body and strength to hair, reducing breakage, adding texture and sheen.


Our extra-mild aromatherapy facial treatment cleans and brightens faces, muzzles, and tear stains.


Moisturize and protect paw pads with a soothing soak, massage and balm along with a nail clip and file and paw trim.

Add on nail design to any pawdicure. 

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