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Grooming Services

Bath & Tidy

  • Skin and coat consultation

  • Deep-cleaning, massaging baths using high-quality skin and coat specific shampoo

  • Conditioning treatment

  • Blow dry and fluff

  • Brush out

  • Nail trim and file

  • Ear cleanse

  • Face, feet and fanny neatened 

  • Anal glands checked and expressed if needed

Full Groom & Style

Includes everything in the Bath & Tidy plus​ a 

haircut to breed trim or to your specifications.

Cat Grooming

Haircut, trim, brush out or shave down with or without

bath, fluff dry, nails and ears​.

In Addition & A La Carte

Thera-Clean microbubble bath therapy

Therapeutic mud treatment

Nail clip, file & smoothing (walk-in or by

appointment; included in all grooming packages)

Teeth brushing 

PlaqClnz oral care to freshen breath, reduce plaque and tartar 



Extra deshedding treatment 

Specialty shampoos

Hair coloring and temporary tattoos

Feather extensions

Hand stripping 

We groom all breeds and sizes and cats too!  We take special care with senior or special needs pets and also offer introduction to grooming puppy packages. All grooming is done by appointment.


Grooming and bathing prices are priced according to breed and size. Dogs with matted or very thick coats, or temperamental personalities often take extra time to groom, in which case the price will be reflective of the additional time involved.  Please let us know when booking your appointment if your pet has any grooming challenges so that we may set aside an appropriate amount of time for your visit.

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